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This blog presents the work of a group of researchers, united by the shared conviction that the Vatican archives, whose richness goes beyond strictly confessional issues, deserve greater attention from specialists in the social and religious sciences (historians, sociologists, political scientists, anthropologists, theologians…).

The opening, on March 2020, of the Vatican archives concerning the pontificate of Pius XII (1939-1958), offered a new and stimulating opportunity for individual and collective research on these Roman archives, as well as on this complex and crucial period in the history of Europe and the world.

We therefore propose to develop initiatives to facilitate exchanges between researchers in an interdisciplinary and international perspective such as:



and publications

in particular within the framework of two funded programs: the ANR GLOBALVAT (2022-2025), associating the École française de Rome and the LARHRA UMR 5190, and the five-year program of the École française de Rome ArchivesPie12 (2022-2026). This blog will provide details of these projects, as well as more general updates on this subjects. It will also provide practical tips on how the archives work.

mailt to:       globalvat.anr@efrome.it


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