How the Church Under Pius XII Addressed Decolonization. The Issue of Algerian Independence

Marialuisa Lucia Sergio

By paying attention to Algerian independence, this book reconstructs the
action of the Catholic Church regarding the issues of the spread of Islam in
colonies, to Arab nationalism, Marxist propaganda in non-European coun-
tries, and the effects of the Algerian crisis upon the French political system.
The complex relations between the Holy See and France, as well as those
between the Vatican and the Episcopates and clergy of the overseas terri-
tories, are vital aspects of decolonisation, a topic which, to date, has been
overlooked by historiography because of the impossibility of accessing doc-
uments relating to the pontificate of Pius XII (1939–1958) held in the Vatican
archives. The opening in March 2020 of the archives of Pius XII, the Pope
who had succeeded in imposing the strategic role of the Holy See upon the
international scene, has made a vast amount of unpublished documentary
material available to scholars.
This book is useful for all students and scholars interested in the Cold War,
the history of contemporary Europe, the history of the Church, post-colo-
nial studies, and the religious phenomenon in post-World War II Europe.

Marialuisa Lucia Sergio is Associate Professor in Contemporary History at
Roma Tre University. Her research interests focus on the Christian-inspired
political movements and on the contemporary Roman Catholic Church.
Among her latest publications: The European Union of Christian Democrats
and the Controversy regarding the Spanish Accession to the EC in the 1970s
(2022); Il Secondo dopoguerra in Spagna nelle carte italiane e vaticane (2021);
Bonaventura Cerretti and the Impossible Missions (2020), Diario di Alcide De
Gasperi 1930–1943 (2018).

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